How many deadbolts does it take to feel safe?

Living in the big city comes at a cost and it is not always the financial ones that scare you the most. The young beautiful Jessica is soon to find out that living in apartment 3B has secrets that someone is willing to kill for. Discover the secrets before you become the next victim.

Up to 8 Victims

Legends and myths meet reality.

You and your fellow archeologists uncover the lost temple of Montezuma. Years of searching and digging has finally paid off and years of school has taught you to trust science over the myths. To bad the Aztec Gods did not go to the same school. Trapped inside the temple can you appease the Gods of the temple and escape with your life?

Up to 8 Explorers

Lock me up and throw away the keys.

We plan to do just that. You will have 45 minutes to unlock and decode all the crazy things we have in stored for you. Oh, did we mention you will be handcuffed to your teammates? I hope you enjoy their company.

Up to 4 Locksmiths

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