Frequently Asked Questions and Rules

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Please note: Do Not Consume Alcohol or any Illegal Substances before attending our game rooms. Persons that appear visibly intoxicated will not be allowed to play. Bad behavior will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the room with no refund as well as charges for broken items and labor of repairs.

  • No Food or Drink inside the game rooms.
  • Do not break anything. Do not pry anything open. Anything that is supposed to open will do so as the result of solving whatever puzzle it is associated with. You will never have to forcefully pry anything open.
  • Do not change any lighting. All lighting is set for the games ambiance as well as puzzles.
  • Do not take apart any locks. Solve the locks, yes! Break the locks, NO!
  • No running.
  • No smoking, use of fire, or vaping.
  • No Photography or Videography. Your photo will be taken after the event ends.
  • Nothing is to be put in pockets. The quickest way to lose the game is to not realize that one of your teammates has had an important item the entire time. Not to mention its a quick way to forget you had the item and leave with it. We do charge the credit card on file for lost items.
  • Do not touch the video or audio equipment. They are our eyes and ears to know both you, and our experience is safe.
    Leave keys inside the lock it opens. You will never need a key twice. Once a lock opens simply leave the key inside and move on with your experience.

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